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Welcome to the Sonic Marathon, we'll be playing 7 days of Sonic games while raising money for Special Effect!

Starting December 28th we'll be live streaming until January 4th with non-stop Sonic. We'll be playing every main series game in the franchise including the classics, the adventure games and the modern games. We also intend to play through as many of the side games as we possibly can, from the old game gear games to Sonic Shuffle and even DS games like Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

During the marathon we'll be raffling off several prizes for donations including Sonic games and merch as well as a 2DS grand prize at the very end of the marathon. Donations of $10 or higher will enter you in to the raffle for the 2DS, as well as many of the other raffles we'll be holding over the week.

All of the money raised goes straight to Special Effect. Special Effect helps people with disabilities enjoy video games and other entertainment that they otherwise would be unable to use. It's not just for fun, it gives people a way to participate with others in ways they couldn't before and helps kick-start rehabilitation, self-esteem and, most importantly, inclusion.


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